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Published By: John  |  Published On: 2022-04-19
Where to Get the Best Wholesale Gift Boxes Los Angeles?

Product packaging today is considered a silent salesman for many brands. In fact, product packaging is the one that can convey all the value of a company or a brand. Research shows that more than 70% of customers consider packaging the main factor that drives their purchasing decisions. This has made many packaging suppliers appear in the market offering their products. But what about the right packaging for gift products? Where could you get the best wholesale gift boxes Los Angeles?

The Importance of Gift Boxes Wholesale Los Angeles

Product packaging is the one that delivers the first impression you want to give to the market. Brands that offer gift products with gift boxes wholesale Los Angeles make customers feel special. Additionally, these boxes make more than 60% of customers make a repurchase.

High-quality packaging means that your brand pays attention to the details and cares about customer experience. So, as we know how important your packaging boxes are, you should also be very wise in choosing the right packaging supplier for your wholesale gift boxes in Los Angeles. Additionally, you need to consider some important points when designing your boxes. Let''s dive in!

Know Better about the Packaging Company and Your Brand''s Values

Before starting with the drafting board to design custom printed boxes Los Angeles, make sure you understand the packaging company. Ensure that the company uses has a reliable value and image.

Then, it would help if you were also sure about your brand''s value when designing your boxes. Try asking some questions below before designing.

  • Do you want to convey a fun image?
  • Do you want your packaging boxes to convey a luxury brand image?
  • Are you offering masculine or feminine products?
  • Are you projecting a minimalist approach?

Whatever your brand''s values are, make sure to reflect them on your boxes.

Understand Your Business Practice

Custom boxes Los Angeles have become identical in attracting customers these days. Yet, basically, the boxes should be designed to protect and facilitate the transportation of your products. Therefore, ensure your packaging provider knows if your product requires special packaging features. Then, they should consider these features in the design process.

  • Discuss with your packaging partner the points below.
  • Which type of opening system on the box that bests for your product?
  • What kind of packaging material should you choose?
  • Are there any restrictions they need to follow when designing wholesale gift boxes Los Angeles?

How and Where Will You Sell Your Products?

Products sold on online websites will have different packaging requirements than products available in retail stores. If you wish to sell your products on retail stores, you will want to design your custom box printing Los Angeles in bright colors. This way, your products can compete with other brands on the shelves. To be noted, do not try to apply design features that cannot be conveniently placed on the shelves. For instance, if you choose an unusual packaging shape, make sure that your packaging can be placed on the shelf properly.

On the other hand, if you wish to sell your products online, you must deliver a completely different design aesthetic. For example, you can apply some lively product images.

Unlike those products sold in retail stores, for products exclusively online, an unusual shape of the packaging is acceptable.

Find Out If the Packaging Supplier Has Experienced Graphic Designers

To get the most suitable packaging boxes for your gift products, first you need to ensure that the packaging provider has the knowledge in designing different types of boxes.

Many brands often try to cut corners by not hiring professional graphic designers. They believe that one is as good as the other and the designed product is not compromised. But the truth is that if your graphic designers do not understand your vision, their chances of designing your packaging and graphics will be unreasonable.

Search for a packaging supplier with a team of graphic designers who can communicate with you. Then, you will need to provide the designers with all the information to create custom gift boxes in Los Angeles that look beautiful and eye-catching.

You will need to discuss with your packaging providers some details of:

  • Product''s size and dimension
  • Images and graphics you want to print
  • Your brand''s theme or design
  • The color you want to apply
  • The product descriptions you want to provide
  • Your brand name and logo

Consider the Environmental Impact When Designing Your Boxes

Without any doubt, prominent, brightly printed packaging boxes will catch the eyes of potential customers. On the other hand, these boxes might also get attention for the wrong reason. In this environmentally stressful industry, non-recyclable boxes are now considered to be environmentally harmful.

In fact, there is a general awareness of the harmful effects of using non-reusable and non-recyclable packaging boxes. Ignoring this fact can cause your brand to soak in hot water and damage your reliable company''s image.

In this regard, it is best to incorporate the green package into the design of your wholesale shipping boxes Los Angeles. By doing this, you contribute to protecting the environment and avoiding the risk of customer disappointment.

Think About How to Send Your Products

If you are running an online brand, you would surely need to think about how you will send your products to customers. For this, you will need durable custom mailer boxes Los Angeles. Make sure your packaging partner has the expertise to create sturdy boxes from high-quality packaging materials. These boxes will give a convenient shipping journey for your valuable gift products.

Wrapping Up

Having your lovely gift products wrapped in beautiful packaging boxes helps a lot in grabbing more customers. Yet, you need to be wise in choosing gift boxes wholesale near me. US Box Printer can be your best option in this regard. We work with high-tech equipment to produce premium wholesale gift boxes Los Angeles. So, if you are interested in getting impeccable boxes for your products, simply contact us now!

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