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Published By: John  |  Published On: 2022-04-07
Lotion Packaging Ideas - Earn More Benefits with Attractive Packaging!

Lotion, we know this item to be one of the best sellers in the cosmetic and beauty market. Various lotions are available for customers to choose from in the market. Yet, the first thing that drives their purchasing decisions will be the product packaging. So, if you want to earn more benefits with attractive packaging, you would love these lotion packaging ideas we have!

What Can Custom Lotion Packaging Do?

Perhaps you might be questioning, why should you use custom lotion packaging to present your lotion? Wouldn''t that standard, ready-made packaging be enough?

Well, yes, standard packaging can easily pack your lotion. But this packaging cannot match the benefits offered by custom packaging. By having custom packaging wrapping your lotion, you are doing more than just simply packing it. Instead, this packaging earns you more benefits such as:

  • A unique product presentation for a better first impression
  • Maximum product protection
  • Delivers a memorable customer experience
  • Reduces the packaging costs
  • Highlights your brand further

How Should You Design Your Lotion Packaging?

Now that you know the benefits of using customized lotion packaging boxes, you will need to be more creative in designing it. Below are some lotion bar packaging ideas you can follow.

Make It Durable

We know that the main function of product packaging is, of course, to give maximum product protection. When it comes to lotion, this item is very sensitive. If you cannot preserve it well, the chances of bad effects such as leakage can appear during transit.

Thus, no matter how unique lotion packaging ideas you have, you should never compromise on the quality. Yes, you need to make your packaging to be durable with the right packaging material. Cardboard, for example, will be the most customizable one. But if you need to deliver your product safely, you can go with corrugated. Or else, rigid will make your packaging look more branded and exclusive.

A Minimalist Design Reflects Elegance

The lotion is a beautiful item that many times can reflect purity. For this kind of item, you will need the right packaging design. A minimalist design will be your best answer in this regard. This design can reflect elegance and luxury.

Instead of making your packaging to be jam-packed, you can go with applying a minimalist design. Speaking of lotion packaging ideas, this design is one of the recommended ones. A minimalist design here can be drawing simple lines or graphics and combining them with a soft color combination.

After all, customers apply lotion on their skin to feel relaxed and calm. Thus, it will be a smart idea to present that calm visualization through your product packaging.

The Brand Theme Works Well to Draw More Customers

Speaking of packaging ideas for lotion bars, you should also consider increasing your brand awareness. For this, you should make your packaging reflect your brand''s personality. Applying all the branding elements will be ideal in this context. To make your packaging look more authentic, you can go with:

  • Design your packaging with your brand theme
  • Match the color of your packaging with your brand theme
  • Print your company name and brand logo (this is essential!)
  • Apply the embossing technique to make your brand logo pop up

Eco-Friendly Lotion Packaging - Why Not?

This is the era where people pay more attention to environmental issues. Your customers would be proud when they know that they are contributing to saving the planet by purchasing your lotion. You can convince them by using eco-friendly lotion packaging.

To make eco-friendly packaging, you will need to:

  • Accurately measured the size of your packaging - to reduce the packaging waste
  • Use environmentally friendly packaging material - kraft will be your best option in this case
  • Print your packaging with eco-friendly ink - raised ink is known to be eco-friendly
  • Apply finishing options that are safe for the environment

By having sustainable lotion packaging, you will also get the chance to save the planet while shaping a positive brand image at the same time. Well...

Use the Stylish and Readable Font Style

You would need to make customers trust your product so that they would purchase more. To do this, you need to provide essential details about your lotion. On your lotion packaging, you should provide details such as:

  • The list of substances to produce your lotion
  • The right instructions to use your lotion
  • The manufacture and expiry date
  • The name of your lotion and brand
  • The contact details of your company

To make customers want to explore your product packaging, you need to use a stylish and readable font style. We know that customers spend only about 7 seconds examining a product before making their purchasing decisions. So, why don''t you make it easier for them to make their decisions?

Go for Affordable Packaging to Save Your Budget!

Designing attractive custom cosmetic boxes doesn''t need to be expensive either. In fact, you can eventually design the most appealing packaging for your beautiful lotion with a minimum budget. By working with a professional packaging provider such as USboxprinter, you can get full customization options to design your product packaging. This way, you will get the freedom to decide the type of material, the design, the style, the color, everything for your product packaging.

In the end, you will only need to pay for the material and the customization you applied. Yes, you can save more budgets by doing this. Do not forget to mention as well that this packaging company will give you hassle-free shipping. Well, what else do you want more?

Final Ideas

As you might know before, your product packaging plays a great role in the number of your sales. The reason is obvious, your packaging reflects whatever you want customers to perceive from your product packed inside.

When it comes to earning more profits for your lotion products, creative lotion packaging ideas will help you achieve your goals. To design the best custom packaging, the packaging experts at USboxprinter will be your best partners. You will get the most professional design support for free with a single click! Give us a call!

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