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Published By: John  |  Published On: 2022-02-03
How to Make Custom Boxes with Correct Method

So you have produced high-quality products that meet the expectations of your targeted market audience. Yet, you are still wondering how can you possibly differentiate yourself from your competition? This is a competitive and crowded marketplace you are facing today. Custom boxes, in this case, will be one way to achieve all goals you have set up for your brand. To help you get the best boxes, you need to know the correct method. This is where working with a reliable packaging company such as USboxprinter will save your day. In this post, we will discuss the best ways to make custom printed boxes with the correct method.

Think about Your Products before Designing Your Custom Boxes

Whether you admit it or not, custom boxes are the ones that will help you gain brand awareness. At the same time, your boxes have the capability to give your brand a more professional look. Yet, the most important from getting these boxes is to protect your valuable products from damage. Thus, before you will start making your boxes, you should answer some questions below to consider your products.
  • What product do you need to pack?
  • Is your product fragile?
  • Do you think that you need extra protection?
  • What are your product''s dimensions?
  • Consider Your Targeted Audience When Designing Custom Packaging Boxes

    You can perform market research as an integral part to know your targeted market audience. You need to understand them before designing your custom packaging boxes. Additionally, as a brand owner, you surely need to know better about your products, along with the benefits. When learning about your customers, find out about their demographics such as age, occupation, gender, and income. Then, keep these points in mind when creating your custom boxes. For example, you should use cheerful colours and fun designs when offering children''s toys and games. On the other hand, when marketing to executives, soft and elegant colours will work perfectly.

    How Do You Sell Your Products In Wholesale Packaging Boxes?

    Yes, the method you are selling your products make a significant impact on the design of your wholesale packaging boxes. For example, if you are an e-commerce brand that delivers your products frequently, you should choose durable packaging materials that meet the shipping standards. However, if you are selling your products in retail stores, you will need your boxes to be eye-catching enough to stand out on the shelves.

    Design Custom Boxes with Logo That Reflect Your Brand Identity

    When designing visual graphics for your custom boxes with logo, you should apply a brand logo, colors, and fonts that ensure consistency. How? If you have a cheerful brand image, it will not make sense to use dark color combinations. Eventually, your brand logo will help your audience to be familiar with your business.

    Important Elements on Packaging Boxes Wholesale Are IMPORTANT

    What is your main goal of using customized packaging boxes wholesale? It is to help customers understand your products, right? So, in addition to your company name and brand logo, you should also include your product descriptions. For example, if your brand sells food items, you should list the ingredients and nutritional value. These important elements are IMPORTANT to be mentioned on your custom boxes. Plus, make sure to use readable fonts.

    Understand the Layers of Your Cardboard Boxes

    When designing your cardboard boxes, there are two layers of product packaging you should understand. What are they? Keep on reading!
  • The outer packaging
  • This outer packaging will be the first thing your customers see when considering your products. The outer packaging helps protect your products from any hazards. You can apply your creative ideas to this element. You can also add your brand logo stunningly and your creative design that supports your brand. This way, you can show off who you are.
  • The Inner packaging
  • This layer protects your products inside the boxes. You can use specific materials including bubble wrap, tissue paper, or packing peanuts. When you need to transit your products, the inner packaging will help protect them from getting scratched or broken.

    Choose the Suitable Material for Your Custom Boxes

    When choosing your custom boxes, you should check on your competitors. If you find out that everyone is doing the same thing, there must be a valid reason. If you plan to stand out, consider all the possibilities before settling on your packaging material. For example, if you want to provide extra protection to your products, you can go for rigid boxes. Or else, you could also go with kraft boxes to present your products beautifully on the shelves. Another thing to consider is your budget. In case you are selling inexpensive items, then you should go for simple packaging that will still reflect your brand value. On the other hand, if you want to present your product exclusively, then you should spend more on your packaging. In the end, you can deliver your beloved customers the most luxury experience they were searching for.

    Work With an Expert Packaging Provider to Get Custom Printed Boxes

    If you want to make the perfect design for custom printed boxes, working with an expert packaging provider will be a great investment. After all, we know that designing graphics for packaging boxes requires specific expertise. Thus, you should work with professionals. You can also request a draft in the correct file format. Need to get eco-friendly custom packaging boxes? No worries! A reliable packaging company such as UsBoxPrinter.com will provide you with a free sample on request. This sample will let you know how your packaging boxes will be.

    Choose Premium Custom Boxes at Affordable Prices

    Again, budget is the one thing that every business should consider. This applies to all business activities and making your custom packaging boxes is not an exception. For sure, you need to make and get high-end results. Well, this doesn''t mean that you need to spend a huge budget. Instead, you can eventually get premium custom boxes at affordable prices. USboxprinter is the right packaging company that you can always rely on. We provide the finest quality boxes at the most competitive rates for businesses of all types.

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