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Published By: John  |  Published On: 2022-06-12
Creative Packaging Ideas for Bath Bombs to Let You Sell More

The layout or design of your packaging is an essential matter for promoting your products. Bath bombs can be excellent merchandise. On the other hand, these items can`t promote themselves. This is why you need appealing packaging to attract interest. Accordingly, unique packaging will create demand for your lovely bath bombs. To help you out in designing your packaging, below are some creative packaging ideas for bath bombs to let you sell more.

How to Make Bath Bomb Colors More Vibrant? Here is How!

Combine the eye-catching colors and graphics for a perfect display. Combining lively color combination and images will make your packaging look more attractive. Even better, this combination will make the packaging more vibrant and attractive. You can go with vivid color combinations to create a feeling of excitement. You also can use images to depict the product`s benefits.

Quality Packaging Materials Are Important for Bath Bombs Packaging Ideas

The packaging materials you choose and use in your packaging play a position in your product''s success. Yes, you need to use the material that will protect sensitive bath bombs from harm during delivery. It would be best if you also considered using biodegradable or recyclable materials. After all, eco-friendly packaging is one of the booming trend in bath bombs packaging ideas.

Single Bath Bomb Packaging Should Be Aesthetically Pleasing

The main function of awesome packaging is to make your bath bombs appear excellent on the store shelves. Of course, it should also catch customer''s eyes as quickly as they stroll into your store. Through aesthetically pleasing single bath bomb packaging, you can attain this with stellar designs.

Now what is the meaning of aesthetically pleasing?

It means that your packaging should:

  • Look appealing in customer''s eyes
  • Draw the attention of every single passer-by
  • Turn those prospects into potential customers
  • Make your bath bombs more visible on the shelves
  • Present your brand through a stunning logo

Provide Clear and Concise Product Descriptions

The product descriptions you provide on the packaging need to be easy to understand and follow. What types of descriptions should you add?

  • Instructions of use
  • The ingredients you of your lovely bath bombs
  • Your company name and contact details
  • Warnings and precautions (if any)

Try Out the Die-Cut Technique

When discussing how to package bath bombs appealingly, the die-cut technique will be ideal. This is a unique and low-cost technique to pack your bath bombs. There are various alternatives you can do with the shape, including:

  • Pillow shape
  • Pyramid shape
  • Cylinder shape
  • Hexagon shape
  • And other unique shapes

How to Package Bath Bombs for Shipping Securely?

Printing the inside and outside of your custom packaging. You should print the internal of the packaging with lovely images or the brand''s message. As for the outside, you should print it with exclusive print and graphics. For the outside of the packaging, you can print the detailed descriptions above.

When you apply the right descriptions to your packaging, you will spread more buzz when delivering your products. Imagine how many people will get in contact with your packaging during the shipping? Yes, more customers to grab, more sales to get!

Apply a Luxury Sense and Touch to Handmade Bath Bomb Packaging Ideas

To turn those heads, add a luxury touch to handmade bath bomb packaging ideas. Doing this can convince more customers to bring your bath bombs home. How you can possibly do this? There are various interesting ways to do this, such as:

Embossing and debossing technique

Embossing and debossing are two amazing approaches to feature a textured appearance in your packaging. The embossing technique will create packaging with a raised texture. Meanwhile, the debossing technique will create an aquatic texture that creates a shadow impact.

UV spot

UV Spot is a special technique to feature shinier and visible sideline on your product packaging. This method entails printing a layer of UV ink over a few areas of the packaging. This will create a special shade while uncovered to ultraviolet light.

The Sleeve Box Style Is Perfect for Bath Bombs

Using sleeve box style is perfect for giving customers your bath bombs. This style will be a completely unique way to help you focus on branding.

Try Out Inner Packaging

Adding inner packaging will make your bath bombs look more unique.

You can try out:

  • Custom inserts
  • Unique thanks notes
  • Discount price coupons
  • Dividers

Adding the inner packaging will offer your customers a branded experience.

Custom Stickers and Labels Are Necessary

Alternatives like custom stickers and labels are necessary for packaging ideas for bath bombs. These two options are perfect for making your packaging look more professional.

Give Special Packaging Treats

Another best way to differentiate yourself from the opposition is to include some packaging treats together along with your bath bombs inside. By giving a bonus or treats to customers through your packaging, you can encourage them to make a future purchase.

You can try out:

  • Scented sachets
  • Small bottles of bubble or shampoo
  • Small unique items to use inside the bathtub

Finishing Options Make Your Bath Bomb Packaging Look More Captivating

Finishing options will present an additional layer of safety to your packaging. Better yet, the right coating will make your product packaging look more captivating.

Some popular finishing options you can choose from are such as:

  • A matte coating

It is extraordinary for giving your packaging a more elegant and conventional appearance.

  • A glossy coating

It is ideal for providing a smooth shine to your layout and may make your packaging look luxurious.

  • Varnish coating

This technique provides you with maximum safety for moisture damage.

  • Soft-textured coating

This is the best option in case you need to reap a velvety or brushed metallic impact on your packaging.

With the proper packaging ideas for bath bombs, you will get the chance to create lovely product packaging. This way, not will those customers be unable to resist your bath bombs. More than that, your product packaging can eventually bring in better income to your business.

Don''t Ignore the Premium Printing Style

The appearance of your packaging, in addition to the designs or the prints, preserves great importance. In fact, printing style and textual content will create the specific identification of your brand. You surely don''t want to make your brand logo to lack any components.

In this context, you need to ensure to pay enough interest to every element of your packaging. Make sure to use premium printing all over your packaging. The right printing style will not only make your product packaging look professional. More than that, advanced printing styles will catch the eyes of those customers.

Never Compromise On Quality

Top-notch quality product packaging is what maintains your customers coming for more. This is the main reason for you to never think about using poor-quality packaging. Poor-quality product packaging will not be durable enough to protect your products all through the shipping. Worse, poor-quality packaging will create a bad image of your product and brand in front of customers.

Keep in mind that your product packaging needs to preserve your sensitive bath bombs from moisture and mishaps. During the storing and delivery processes, your packaging should not get damaged.

In simple words, when it comes to speaking about packaging ideas for bath bombs, your packaging needs to be easy to use and handle.

Go Green with Environmentally Friendly Packaging

The demand for environmentally friendly packaging is growing as more customers are aware of climate change. Going green with environmentally friendly packaging is no longer an option today. Instead, it is a part of the corporate social responsibilities your brand needs to perform.

Recyclable packaging materials will be perfect to include in packaging ideas for bath bombs. Cardboard, corrugated, paperboard, rigid, and kraft are perfect materials for this. This effort will improve the market demand of your beautiful bath bombs as many people admire recyclable and green packaging.

Wrapping Up

In order to strive and even win the market, you need to present your bath bombs as appealing as you can. To achieve this, you will need to understand how to design the best and most appealing packaging. Not only will the right product packaging add more appeal to your bath bombs. Far better, the right packaging will help you deliver an unforgettable unboxing experience to customers. At the end of the day, the right packaging will help you perform your corporate social responsibility.

Hopefully, the creative packaging ideas for bath bombs we revealed in this post inspire you to design exclusive packaging. Plus, if you are ready to design the most impeccable packaging that will sell more, you can feel free to contact US Box Printer!

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